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Welcome to The Art of Living From The Heart – Biodanza Heart in Motion is a system of learning how to fully embody your spirit. Together, we journey through a magical land of Emotion and Being. Using movement and dance we deepen our awareness of the present moment through exploration of our Hearts in Motion!


“Surrender” weekend ! – Tampere, Finland

28th & 30th March

An amazing weekend of connection and sensual exploration.
Let go of patterns that no longer serve you, challenge your attitudes to relationships and sexuality, and play with others in a fun and sensual way.

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  • By: Jacek
    I met De'an in the moment of my life when I had to meet someone like him - and I am so much grateful to the Universe that it was him. I was looking for a teacher and inspiration being dragged too much into reality of society rules and dishonesty and disconnection from my true self. After first weekend session coming back home my heart was so opened and […]
  • By: Hanna Angel
    De'an- I cannot express the pure feelings of joy, bliss, calm & love I feel right now. I cannot stop smiling & feeling so grateful to be alive! I feel strong, I feel powerful, I feel vibrant & sexy.. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful space. I too love our new group & cannot wait for more... ♥
  • By: admin
    De'an, As I expressed to you after the 2nd session at Wildheart this Beltane, many thanks for sharing & combining your gifts so beautifully, directly, and inspiringly. You radiate what you invite us to experience. You "speak" a language I understand. and want more of... I am in Stroud, so can't come to your weekly session, but please […]
  • By: Wendy Spencer
    I wanted to say a big thank you De'an for such a beautifully deep, sensual, soulful exploration into our connection with our body-presence yesterday at your workshop at the Brighton School of Tantra. I was deeply moved by the experience and would love to become more involved in the exploration of Sacred Sexuality. Please keep me informed of any classes […]
  • By: Petri Mattila
    About "Sacred Sexuality 2" ... I have never before felt this much alive!! Truly amazing weekend, really a life changing experience. So thankful for not playing safe this time :)
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What is Biodanza Heart in Motion ?

Learn about Biodanza Heart in Motion and how through movement and dance we can deepen our awareness of the present moment.

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